How exciting my guest post on Italy’s stray dogs has won won 1st prize for Salviamo l’Orso & ABC’s blog award, which means I get a day exploring Abruzzo’s Bear Kingdom accompanied by the charity.

The competition was judged by Mario Cipollone, the co-founder of Salviamo l’Orso and budding writer from Abruzzo, with awards and publications to his credit.

“I have chosen Sam’s Italian Charm Masters – ‘Cani di Quartiere’ Dogs because it is an original analysis of a stray dog’s life in Abruzzo, highlighting the deep social meaning that these dogs have for the villages where they live and their incredible ability to survive at the edge of the human community that rejected them.

But this post also introduces the ecological problems that stray dogs may cause to wildlife, especially to those endangered species such as the Apennine wolf and the Marsican bear. Sam has caught the importance of a correct management of pets and stray dogs in order to prevent either a loss of biodiversity in our mountains or a lack of awareness in those human communities which, sadly, are still able to produce such a disheartening phenomenon as stray dogs.”

Click here to read the post ‘Italian Charm Masters – ‘Cani di Quartiere’ in full